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Email Website
adonmpta. [email protected]
Africa Halisi Expeditions [email protected]
African Lion and Environmental Research Trust (ALERT) Gweru [email protected]
African Lion and Environmental Research Trust (ALERT) Livingstone [email protected]
African Lion and Environmental Research Trust (ALERT) Victoria Falls [email protected]
AICM [email protected]
Akany Avoko [email protected]
Amani Kids [email protected]
Amazing Love School [email protected]
Amazon Promise [email protected]
Amigos de Iracambi [email protected]
Andrew Clark Trust [email protected]
Angel Says: Read [email protected]; [email protected]
Anglo-Thai Foundation [email protected]
Aquinoe Learning Centre Charitable Trust [email protected]
Arise and Shine Children's Home [email protected]
Art in Tanzania [email protected]
Asha Deep Children's Shelter, El Shaddai Street Child Rescue [email protected]
Ashray Charitable Trusts [email protected]
Asity Madagascar [email protected]
Aspire Rwanda [email protected]
Associação educacional e filantrópica Magnificat [email protected]
Association des Personne Handicapees "Gorodibene" Tombouctou KHALIL HANDANE <[email protected]>
Baan Unrak [email protected]
Baan Unrak Children's Home [email protected]
Baan Unrak Primary School [email protected]
Bamboo School [email protected]
Bana Ba Letsatsi [email protected]
Bana Ba Metsi [email protected]
Banda Bola Sports Foundation [email protected]
Behrhorst Partners for Development [email protected]
Bernard Nordkamp Centre Namibia [email protected]
Bernier Bay Primary School, Vanuatu Education Trust [email protected]
Big Brother Mouse [email protected]
Black Sheep Inn [email protected]
Blue Ventures Conservation [email protected]
Buhoma Community Primary School [email protected]
Bwindi Community Hospital [email protected]
Cambodia Development Organisation (CDO) [email protected]
Cambodia Landmine Museum [email protected]
Canine Life Support [email protected]
Casa Guatemala [email protected]
CDCDC Burma Kids [email protected]
Centre for child development [email protected]
Centre Marembo, The Rwandan Youth Community Organisation (rYico) [email protected]
Childhope Asia Philippines, Inc. [email protected]
children of kibera foundation [email protected]
Children Walking Tall [email protected]
Children's Garden [email protected]
Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust [email protected]
Christ's Hope International [email protected]
Classrooms In The Clouds [email protected] [email protected]
Community Development International [email protected]
Community Health Programme Kenya [email protected]
Community Health Trust [email protected]
Compassion in Action [email protected]
Conservation Northwest [email protected]
Creative Corners; The Global Arts Project C.I.C [email protected]
Cress-Kenya [email protected]
D'Agen Versorgingsoord Creche [email protected]
Daktari Bush School and Wildlife Orphanage [email protected]
Dayspring Junior Academy [email protected]
Diriamba Children's Home, Mustard Seed Communities [email protected]
Divava Kindergarten [email protected]
Do You Care [email protected]
Dogstar Foundation [email protected]
Earthwise Valley [email protected]
Edirisa UK [email protected]
EducAid [email protected]
Education for Himalayan Children: SMD Schools [email protected]
Education for Himalayan Kids [email protected]
Educational Training Organisation [email protected]
Educators' Trust India [email protected]
EdUKaid [email protected]
Embrace Tanzania [email protected]
Engalynx Gikondo [email protected]
Engalynx Ginsenyi [email protected]
Engeltjies [email protected]
English Development School [email protected]
Familia Moja Children's Centre (FMCC) [email protected]
First Steps Himalaya [email protected]
Flying Kites [email protected]
Forestry, Agriculture, Animal and Fishery Network (FAAFNET) [email protected], [email protected]
Fountain of Hope [email protected]
FOUNTAIN YOUTH GROUP [email protected]
Free Your Mind [email protected]
From the Heart [email protected]
Future Hope [email protected]
Future Island School [email protected]
Gambia Education and Teaching Support (GETSuk) [email protected]
Give a heart to africa [email protected]
Good News Project - Holy Family Children's Home [email protected], [email protected]
Goodness and Mercy Missions [email protected]
Grace Children's Village, Uganda [email protected]
Green Turtle Lodge [email protected]
Grenada SPCA Animal Shelter
Gulisi Garifuna School
Happy Africa Foundation Mozambique
Happy Africa Foundation Zimbabwe
HART Himalayan Animal Rescue Trust
HASTE (Help African Schools To Educate)
havilla children foundation
Heart-to-Heart Women's Cooperative;
HELP Madagascar
Helping La Moskitia Kids in Honduras
Hogar Belen Managua, Mustard Seed Communities
Hogar de Nios sin Amparo Familiar de Cienfuegos
Hondo Hondo
Hope Beyond Volunteers UG.
Hope Farm, Thembisa;
Hope for Latvia
HOPE Foundation
House of Kathleen Children's Home, El Shaddai Street Child Rescue
House of Love Children's Village - Mbarara Project
I AM Special Education Centre
Jacob's Hospice Homes
Jigsaw4u International
Joy Home for Children
Kalki Welfare Society
Kampala School of Excellence Children's Home
Kanjanji Children's Village
Karangara Community School
Karmi Farm Clinic
Kenya's Kids in Need
KidsCare Cambodia
Kilolo Village Fund
Kira Farm Training Centre, Amigos
Kirc Foundation
Kokrobite Chiltern Centre
Kuunika Foundation,
Lenana Slum Orphans (LSO)
Life and Hope Association (LHA)
Life Literacy
Lifeline Ministries
Lilongwe Wildlife Centre
Link Ethiopia (north Ethiopia)
Link Ethiopia (south)
Liphook Aid For Ghana
Little Acorns Children's Shelter, El Shaddai Street Child Rescue
Little Light Children's Centre
Little Sports Organisation (LSO)
Long Way Home
Mabombwe village initiative
Madagascar Fauna Group (MFG)
Makeni Ecumenical Centre
Manda Wilderness Community Trust
Mang'ula Village Primary School
Mangochi Orphans Education and Training School (MOET)
Mantsase Children's Home
Mariposa DR Foundation
Mary Chapman School for the Deaf
Mary Chapman School for the Deaf
Matumaini Rehabilitation Centre
Mbara Community Projects
Mdzananda Animal Clinic
Medical and Teaching Project Zambia, Happy Africa Foundation
Mele school N/A
Melissa Cosgrove Children's Foundation
Mfangano orphans and vulnerable support centre
Miracle Corners Sierra Leone
Mombasa Olympic Youth Organisation (MOYO)
Money for Madagascar
Montessori Home Tuition
Morning Star Children's Centre
Morning Star Elite Education Centre
Mukono project
Mukono project
Mukono project
Munda Wanga Trust
Mwenya Uganda
Nairobi Youth Sports Foundation
Nakatindi School
Nam Thieng Primary School
Neema School Kenya Trust
Nepal Schools Aid (UK)
Nest of Hope Cameroon
New Era Galapagos Foundation
One Small Step, Inc.
Onyose trust
Our Friends Orphanage
Our Little Book Keepers
Peace Matunda School and Orphanage
Peduli Anak Foundation
People First Educational Charitable Trust
Please Learn Hard
primary schools in Mukono, Uganda
Project Luangwa
Project Pencil Case
Rainbow House Children's Home, El Shaddai Street Child Rescue
Reach Grenada
Rural Organisation for Social Elevation (ROSE)
Rwandan Orphans Project
Sabre Charitable Trust (SCT)
Salvation Army, Canada N/A
Sankhuwasabha Education Scholarship Foundation
Sanyu Babies Home
Sarah Junior School
School 56, Tbilisi
Schools for Children of Cambodia
Self Reliance Promoters
Sethule Ophans' Trust
SEWA Communities
Shanti Niketan School, El Shaddai Street Child Rescue
Shekinah House Children's Home, El Shaddai Street Child Rescue
Shilpa Children's Trust
Soft Power Education
SOS Children's Villages Association Algeria
SOS Children's Villages Association Angola
SOS Children's Villages Association Benin
SOS Children's Villages Association Botswana
SOS Children's Villages Association Burkina Faso
SOS Children's Villages Association Burundi
SOS Children's Villages Association Central African Republic
SOS Children's Villages Association Democratic Republic of Congo
SOS Children's Villages Association du Cameroon
SOS Children's Villages Association Egypt
SOS Children's Villages Association Equatorial Guinea
SOS Children's Villages Association Ethiopia
SOS Children's Villages Association Ghana
SOS Children's Villages Association Guinea
SOS Children's Villages Association Kenya
SOS Children's Villages Association Lesotho
SOS Children's Villages Association Morocco
SOS Children's Villages Association of The Gambia
South-Kashmir Social Service Society
Soweto Backpackers Youth Club
St francis Xavier Kinder Garden
St John's Primary School, Malawi
Stepping Stones Children's Shelter, El Shaddai Street Child Rescue
Sunrise Children's Village Phnom Penh
Sunrise Children's Village Siem Reap
SunShine Project
Tanzania Mitindo House
The Best Friend,
The Building Fund
The Dhaka Project
The Keiser Initiative
The Ladybug Project Inc.
The Landirani Trust
The Mwea Fund
The Tushinde Children's Trust
Thembacare Grabouw, Thembalitsha Foundation
Tibetan Children's Villages
Trade Aid
Trade Aid
Tree of Life for Animals
Tropical Adventures Foundation
Tujatane Tongabezi Trust School
UrbanPromise Honduras
Vets Beyond Borders (VBB) Ladakh
Vets Beyond Borders (VBB) Sikkim
Victory House Children's Home, El Shaddai Street Child Rescue
Village by Village
Village Hopecore International
Village of Hope, Thembalitsha Foundation
Vipingo Village Fund
Vista Project
Voices of Africa for Sustainable Development,
Volta Aid Foundation
Volunteers for Peace, Burundi
Volunteers for Peace, Congo
Volunteers for Peace, Uganda
Watoto Wa Baraka Orphanage
Where There Is Not A Doctor (WTINAD)
Where There Is Not A Doctor (WTINAD)
White Shark Projects Recycle Swop Shop
WhizzKids United
Widow's Mite, Mustard Seed Communities
World Medical Fund for Children (WMF)
World Medical Fund for Children (WMF)
Yaowawit School
Yayasan Bumi Sehat
Yayasan Kasih Peduli Anak (YKPA)
YES WE CAN Self-Help Group
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